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New Zealand Wine Styles – Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc Map

New Zealand Wine styles The temperate maritime climate allows a wide range of wine varieties to flourish. Whatever your preferred, we’re sure to have a wine to suit your palate. Sauvignon Blanc Unique, exuberant, intense. The explosive variety that awoke all the world to New Zealand wine. Celebrate New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc The explosive flavors […]

NZ Wine Regions – Central Otago

Central Otago

New Zealand Wine Regions Central Otago Soaring snow-capped mountains and glistening rivers nestled deep within ravines (gold rush territory in the 1800s) draw visitors from far and wide. All of the main winegrowing sub-regions lie within close reach, with the distinctive mountainous terrain providing each with a unique climate, aspect and altitude. Pinot Noir flourishes […]

The Proper Way To Drink Whiskey

How To Drink Whiskey

THE PROPER WAY TO DRINK WHISKEY KNOW YOUR WHISKEY Whisky can only be called Scottish or Scotch if produced at a distillery in Scotland and matured in oak casks in a Scottish warehouse. Most scotch is made from Malted Barley and each distillery’s whisky is known as a Single Malt. Key whisky-making regions are Speyside, […]

New Zealand Wine – Pure Discovery

New Zealand Wine Discovery

New Zealand Wine Pure Discovery Discover Our Regions Kia ora, Welcome to the New Zealand Fine Wine Website. New Zealand’s distinctive winegrowing regions each have unique soils and climatic conditions that are expressed in the wines produced. New Zealand Wine is a direct reflection of New Zealand itself – Bright, Different, Distinctive. The wines of […]

New Zealand Wine Region – Marlborough

Marlborough Region

New Zealand Wine Regions Marlborough A combination of a cool yet high sunshine climate, low rainfall and free-draining, moderately fertile soil produces uniquely vivid wines. Marlborough put New Zealand on the international wine stage with its exquisite Sauvignon Blanc in the 1980s. Over 20,000ha of vines (around 2/3 of the national total) are under the care of […]

What is Biodynamic Wine?

Biodynamic Wine

What is Biodynamic Wine? Biodynamic growing is founded on the belief that the healthiest living soils will produce the best grapes. Maintaining and building organic matter and humus in the soil is a key focus for organic grape growers, including feeding and sustaining the communities of soil microorganisms that vines to access nutrients. By choosing […]

New Zealand Chardonnay

New Zealand Chardonnay

New Zealand Wine Styles Temperate maritime climate allows a wide range of wine varieties to flourish. Whatever your preferences, we’re sure to have a wine to suit your palate. Chardonnay Chardonnay & Sparkling Symposium, Gisborne Refined and fruit-driven, New Zealand Chardonnay is mouth-filling, with concentrated citrus and bright tropical fruit. New Zealand Chardonnay is the third […]

What is Organic Wine?

Organic Wine Making Compost

Organic Grape and Wine production are growing part of the New Zealand wine world. Ten percent of New Zealand wineries now hold Organic Certification, including many of our iconic, world-renowned producers. TOSQ Wines (Making Compost) Organic production is a system that integrates “cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance, […]

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